Past Trends Find Their Way Back Into 2018 Weddings

The ’80s called and they want to back in. No problem! Who doesn’t love a good throw-back? This year, look for a number of wedding trends that pay homage to the past… like, totally.

Cascading Bouquets

If you are old enough to remember 1981, chances are you were parked in front of a television watching Lady Diana Spencer marry Prince Charles in July of that year. Diana’s wedding style sparked trends across the bridal industry, including puffy sleeves, mile-long trains, cathedral-length veils, and the cascading bouquet.

The newlywed princess’ large cascading bouquet featured white orchids, gardenias, roses, freesia, stephanotis and ivy

Today’s version of the cascade bouquet is less structured, more haphazard and “undone.” The cascade effect can be created with flowers or greenery, including ivy, trumpet vine, eucalyptus, berries, jasmine or wispy ferns.

Modern take on the cascading bouquet trend
Source: The Knot
Photo credit: Swan Photography
Source: David Austin Roses Facebook

There is another royal wedding just weeks away. The highly anticipated event is sure to ignite a number of bridal trends. Stay tuned!

Old-Fashioned Flowers

Garden flowers that might be considered old-fashioned are in vogue. Showy and versatile dahlias are replacing peonies as the “it” flower in bridal bouquets and arrangements. Zinnias and chrysanthemums also make the list. Chrysanthemums, often associated with autumn, are available year-round in a variety of colors. Brides are selecting blooms that convey a fresh-picked from the garden appearance.  Most garden-style flowers are locally-sourced, which make them an economical option as well.

Martha Stewart Weddings’ bouquet features two trends: cascading design and dahlias.
Bright zinneas give traditional roses and hydrangeas a more organic, garden-style vibe.

Trends that Come Full Circle

Wreaths and flower crowns are back, with a modern twist. You can still use wreaths as door decorations, but there are many other uses. Floral wreaths encircle the wedding cake, accent light fixtures, and serve as aisle markers. Flower crowns are not just for the flower girls. Brides have adapted the trend for their own wedding day look. Some opt to wear them as headpieces, while others carry them in place of a traditional bouquet.  Don’t forget the pets! Our furry friends can be as festive as the rest of the bridal party with a coordinating floral collar.

Although elements of the ’80s are circling back around, few brides want a full-blown, “to the max,” retro wedding.  Pick and choose among the trends to give a subtle nod to the era. Today’s brides are embracing the past, but putting a fresh spin on these old favorites.  If you are planning nuptials in the coming year, let Lilium help you incorporate the latest trends into your special day.