All About That Lace

With origins dating back to the sixteenth century, lace reemerged as a fashion trend in 2014, and not only is the trend still hanging on, it looks to be gaining momentum in 2016. Once regarded as a textile for the affluent, lace is now accessible to all in a multitude of patterns and presentations.  Look for lace in all facets of fashion, from head to toe, pony tail to pumps.

Lace is often associated with the bridal market, with this year’s brides choosing a variety of lace in their gowns and accessories. Bridal gown trends range from old-fashioned, high-necked designs to more contemporary dresses with lingerie inspiration. For brides wanting to add just a touch of the trend, they will find many options in headpieces, sashes, jewelry and shoes.

In the bridal marketplace, the popularity of lace is not limited to apparel, however. Lacey touches adorn the wedding cake, create a beautiful table setting, complement bouquets and floral arrangements, and even accent fingernails.

Lace is a versatile textile, with the ability to translate many themes. It can convey a vintage feel, classic femininity, romance, rustic charm, or seductive appeal. White still reigns for weddings, while black and red options give lace a more alluring vibe. However, this year, lace is not limited to any specific color palette. Fashion followers can find it in every pastel shade, plus bolder blues, oranges and yellows.

Lilium strives to be on top of all trends that impact the floral industry. Inspiration comes from trends found in fashion, architecture and all areas of home decor. Nature provides its own inspiration with varieties of lacey flowers like astilbe and Queen Anne’s lace, as well as an array of ferns with delicate filigree leaves. The open, web-like foliage patterns of plants like as dusty miller also contribute to a touch of lacey style in fresh arrangements.

Whether you choose a lace textile or florals that create the appearance of lace, let us show you how we can incorporate this beautiful trend into bouquets and floral arrangements for your wedding or special occasion.