We are all familiar with the sights and sounds of the Christmas season, but what about the smell of Christmas? Often, the scent associated with an event or place is what creates a lasting sensory memory. If Christmas had a signature scent, what would it be? Perhaps one or more of the following comes immediately to mind:

  • Pine, Fir, and Cedar
  • Freshly-baked sugar cookies
  • Peppermint
  • Gingerbread
  • Cinnamon, Cloves, Orange and Ginger (mulled wine)
  • Hot chocolate

create a scented environment

Familiar and comforting scents of the season will make your guests feel welcome, and perhaps a bit nostalgic. Nothing beats the real deal when it comes to scents. Use fresh cut greens when you can, bake the cookies and gingerbread, or simmer aromatics in a pot on the stove. If those options aren’t feasible, however, there are many ways to create a holiday environment.


With so many to choose from, candles and reed diffusers are an easy way to distribute holiday scents throughout your space. You can find just about any favorite scent of the season in this format. At Lilium, we carry Lafco candles and diffusers, with Frosted Pine, Crimson Berry, Cinnamon Bark, Golden Chestnut, Hazelnut Torrone, Spiced Pomander, Woodland Spruce, Champagne Holiday and Winter Currant among our favorites around the holidays.


Another easy way to bring holiday fragrance into the home is by making your own pomander balls. It can be a fun activity for the family as well. All you need is oranges, toothpicks and whole cloves. Simply press the cloves into the orange rind (making a small hole with a toothpick will make it easier) in whatever creative pattern you choose. You can place the finished pomander balls into a festive centerpiece, or add some ribbon and hang them on your Christmas tree.

Fresh pomander balls will only last 4-7 days, but can be dried in a dehydrator and reused next year!


Replace your favorite sink-side hand soaps with holiday scented soaps. Whether you choose crisp peppermint, a sweet baking scent, or freshly cut pine, you’ll get a burst of the holiday spirit every time you wash your hands.

diffuse and blend essential oils

Essential oils can be incorporated in a number of ways to distribute seasonal scents throughout your home. Of course, the easiest way to disperse the fragrance is with a diffuser specifically for essential oils. Another option: if you have a tart warmer (traditionally used for wax melts), it works beautifully as a diffuser for your favorite essential oils. Simply place some coconut oil in the bowl area and add a few drops of essential oil.

Make a diffuser ornament for your artificial Christmas tree using evergreen oils to simulate a fresh cut tree. Use air-dry clay and your favorite holiday cookie cutter to make an ornament. When dry, the clay is the perfect medium for diffusing the essential oil.

Homemade ornament diffuser

What could be more “Christmas-y” than Frankincense? If you aren’t familiar with this scent, it is rich, fresh and woody with notes of fruit and spice. Other spicy essential oils, such as ginger, clove and cinnamon blend beautifully with a milder scent, like orange. Create your own Christmas blend and place a few drops on a container of pine cones or unscented potpourri. So many options to consider!

While showing hospitality to your family and friends this holiday season, make sure they remember the smell of Christmas in your home.