Many of Lilium’s customers fondly remember Winston, who served as our beloved shop dog/mascot until his passing in 2020 just shy of his 15th birthday. Winston took his duties seriously for more than a decade, greeting Lilium customers and occasionally keeping the pesky squirrels at bay. He is still missed by Lilium staff and customers alike. 2022, however, is a time for new beginnings, as we emerge from the under the cloud of Covid-19 and look ahead to better days. It seems a fitting time to welcome the new sheriff in town: Tennessee Walker (or just Walker to his friends).

Walker is a Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier, who is by nature exuberant, friendly, and just a tad stubborn. If you have met him already, you may have experienced the “Wheaten Greetin’,” which is their breed’s overzealous response to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Customers with pet allergies need not be concerned. Wheaten Terriers are hypoallergenic and do not shed, which makes them great dogs for interacting with our clients.

shop dog life

Walker hails from Tennessee (hence his name), and comes from the same breeder as his Uncle Winston. He joined us in February, right before Valentine’s Day, so he had a real trial-by-fire introduction into shop dog life. Walker is the family pet of Lilium owner Lisa Pritchett, but he keeps regular business hours on most weekdays. Wheatens are very social dogs, so Walker would rather be “at work” with his people than home alone. He spends most of his days greeting Lilium guests, napping, playing with a large collection of toys, and chasing away birds that get a little too close for his liking.

Word of caution: Walker is a puppy in training! He hasn’t perfected his shop manners yet, but he is working on it. Bear with us as Walker learns to control his excitement upon meeting new friends. If you visit Lilium and Walker isn’t on duty, chances are he is in puppy class learning all the rules. We are confident he will adapt well to his role as a Lilium team member.

dogs of instagram

We know that Walker, like Winston before him, will create quite a fan following. You don’t even have to visit Lilium (although we hope you do!) to keep up with Walker. He has his own Instagram account: Check out his page or stop by to meet Walker in person!