Arch Rivals

Whether you have started Christmas shopping or thought about New Year’s resolutions, 2019 is wrapping up. 2020 is right around the corner, and we are looking ahead to see what next year’s brides will choose for their special day. Popular wedding websites, blogs and magazines have published their predictions, and most agree that couples will strive to make their celebrations unique and personal. When it comes to floral decor, the traditional flower-covered arch at the end of the aisle will be replaced with unique shapes (some not actually arches), providing stunning backdrops for the vow exchange.

The wedding arch, or canopy, is a long-standing tradition with rich meaning in many cultures. It may symbolize the home that the couple will build together, or the protection provided by the couples’ parents. It also creates an intimate focal point within a larger ceremony space. In addition, the arch or canopy provides a beautiful background for ceremony pictures.

With This Ring

One of the most popular choices in 2020 will be circles made of various materials and adorned with flowers and/or greenery. Circles are a popular choice, as they mirror the symbolism of the wedding ring.


Squares and rectangles are also in vogue, and can convey many styles, from rustic to industrial. Copper is a favorite material for modern arches. The element symbolizes love, balance, beauty and artistic creativity. Wooden frames are most popular for outdoor venues or rustic-themed ceremonies.

Another Angle

Circles and squares aren’t the only shapes vying for attention. We haven’t seen this many shapes since high school geometry class. Triangles, hexagons, pentagons… you name it. You will see a wide variety of shapes taking the place of the traditional wedding arch.

Daniel Poff Photography
Daniel Poff Photography


The Huppah (Chuppah) is a traditional Jewish custom symbolizing the home. The covering represents God’s presence over the couple. All four sides are open to symbolize hospitality to the guests. Even non-Jewish couples are embracing this look, commonly referred to as a canopy to avoid offending guests of the Jewish faith. It is also a way to unite families of Jewish and non-Jewish faiths by bringing in elements from different cultures.

Doors and Gates

Doors and gates can be used to create an arch of sorts, while contributing to the overall wedding theme. Because doors and gates  are passageways, they may symbolize a portal to the couple’s new life together.


Chloe Giancola Photography

Grounded Arches

Another emerging arch trend is the grounded arch. This is a great option when the ceremony takes place in front of an already beautiful vista. A traditional arch might obstruct the stunning view that nature has already provided. The grounded arch still provides a focal point for the ceremony within the open space.

Lacie Hansen Photography
Kyle John Photography
Sophie Epton Photography

Pampas Grass

Arches of all styles provide the anchor for a variety of decor. Brides might choose natural, organic looks with twigs and greenery. Foliage has been in vogue for weddings fo the past couple of years. It is versatile and usually budget-friendly. Within this category, one emerging trend is pampas grass. The fluffy, feathery tops create a soft, ethereal feel, and is neutral enough to use in combination with most color palletes.

Carlie Statsky Photography

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