Branching Out

Photo: Sara Kate Photographer

Groundhog Day has passed, and if Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction can be believed, it will be an early Spring. Here in Texas, there are already some optimistic trees and shrubs putting out buds. In the florist world, that’s great news because it means we will soon have beautiful blooming branches to add to our fresh arrangements.

Branches are a great way to add height and interest to any fresh arrangement. While some varieties, like curly willow, are available year round, blooming varieties are seasonal. Generally, blooming branches are only available in the Spring months.         

Cherry blossom branches give height and add interest to these Spring arrangements.

In addition to cherry blossom, forsythia and dogwood branches, look for almond, apple, quince and lilac.

When we receive the branches, they will have a mix of closed and opened blooms. We monitor the bloom stage of the branches so that they open at the optimal time for a given event. Unopened blooms will open in a warm room around 75 degrees.

Care of Branches

Whether you have an arrangement that includes one or two stems of blooming branches, or you have a vase filled with branches, you will need to make sure the ends stay in water. Add fresh water every one to two days to encourage closed blooms to open and keep the branches hydrated. Floral arrangements that include blooming branches should be placed out of direct sunlight. This will help both the blooming branches and the cut flowers last longer.

Creative Uses

Blooming branches are great for other uses in addition to vased arrangements. Some branches are flexible, making them ideal for creating wreaths or flower crowns. They make unique touches to wedding decor as well, bringing a natural, outdoor vibe to the ceremony and reception florals.

Take advantage of this gift from Mother Nature while you can. The season is upon us! Call Lilium at 817-481-1565, or visit our website at to order a beautiful Spring arrangement, and be sure to ask what blooming branches are available.