Pay It Forward

Some call it “paying it forward.” Others refer to it as performing “random acts of kindness.” Whatever term you use, the act is manifested when you feel so blessed that you want someone else to get that same feeling. When your heart is overflowing, you want to share the love. As we wrap up a season focused on being thankful, and turn our thoughts toward the joy of the Christmas season, it seems a fitting time to exercise a bit of goodwill toward others.

Often, the feel-good stories don’t get much attention. The deed is done quietly, unassumingly, with no desire for recognition. Have you had someone in front of you at a drive-through window pay for your order? Or had your restaurant check paid by another diner? There is no way to return the favor, you just accept it graciously. Hopefully, it inspires you to repeat the gesture for another lucky recipient, or to come up with your own unique way to bless someone.

Lilium was on the receiving end of such kindness recently when our friends at House of Shine wanted to recognize our designation as 2015 Retail Florist of the Year. They decided to start a chain of kindness by paying for us to send an arrangement to a deserving recipient of our choosing. We paid it forward by sending an arrangement to one of our great customers who continuously makes a positive impact on our community. She has since kept the chain of kindness going.

From time to time, we get requests at Lilium to send flowers anonymously. Yes, we can keep a secret! Flowers, by nature, bring joy to those who receive them. We have yet to see anyone respond with disappointment when receiving flowers. Consider sending them just because, or try leaving the card unsigned. Perhaps you know of someone who wouldn’t expect to receive flowers, whose day would be brightened with a cheerful bouquet. Whether or not your act of kindness involves flowers, take the opportunity to make someone’s day. You are likely to find that the blessings flow both directions.